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CIPRES Science Gateway Version 3 History

Version 3.3
  • Support login and running from iPlant account
  • Updated User Interface for better user messaging
  • Run all jobs on a ZFS mounted file system
  • Upgrade RAxML to V 7.30, interface now supports multi-state analysis
Version 3.2
  • Add Garli 2.0 Interface/Garli.conf Creator interfaces
  • Add BEAST Interface
  • Improved administrative tools for usage monitoring
Version 3.1
  • Add new tools for bulk upload of data
  • Add new tools for bulk download of all task results
  • Upgrade MAFFT to v 6.8, add RNA structure options
  • Correct bug in Clearcut interface
  • Improved results recovery messaging
Version 3.0
  • 2010 Award of 2.7 million SUs from TeraGrid Resource Allocation Committee
  • Name Change to Science Gateway
  • Refactor communication with TeraGrid Resources to make results delivery more robust


CIPRES – Cyberinfrastructure for Phylogenetic Research