Central Resource

CIPRes team

"The SDSC CIPRES team with the CIPRES cluster"

CIPRES cluster installation team from left to right: (back row) Mark Miller, Steve Meier, Alex Borchers (front row) Terri Liebowitz, Bryan Banister, Kevin Fowler

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Mission Statement:

The goal of the Central Resource team is to partner with the community to create and make available the most forward-looking technologies for computational systematics in the world.

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The central resource is composed of a highly trained team of software developers/engineers at the San Diego Supercomputer Center. The team is working to implement software tools and databases in response to requests from CIPRES researchers and their colleagues. Subsequent releases will occur in 2 month release cycles. We will implement feature requests from the CIPRES projcet and the community. Releases will be publicly available for download. Installations of the CIPRES product will also be publicly available via web browsers.