The CIPRES resource at SDSC will soon become the production home for TreeBase. The movement of TreeBase will occur in phases.

Phase I is complete. This was the creation of an SDSC Treebase Mirror with failover capabilities, while we make the platform stable, and create new deposition tools.

Phase II is the development and implementation of TreeBase using a new data model. Model development is led by Val Tannen at the University of Pennsylvania, in collaboration Bill Piel, Susan Davidson, and Shirley Cohen, and the database develoment team: Jin Ruan (SDSC), Mark Jason Dominus (UPenn) and Madhusudan (SDSC). The working title for the new schema is TreebaseII.

The architecture of the TreebaseII implementation is shown here.

TreeBASE II domain object design document (draft): (view pdf )

A Beta Release of the prototype TreeBase2 is scheduled for Fall 2008

More information will be posted here as it becomes available.

Questions about Progress in Treebase and TreebaseII development can be referred to Mark Miller

CIPRES collaboration tools: