CIPRES Portal Version History


Version 1.15   Release Cipres Portal 2.0
Version 1.14   Add REST Service to retrive list of job links for a given email address
Version 1.13   Support for BOOTSTRAP-RAxML REST Service
    Upgrade RAxML to version 7.0.4
Version 1.12   Support for large file uploads
    Upgrade RAxML to version 7.0.3
Version 1.11   Merge RAxML-Bootstrapping to main portal
    Upgrade RAxML to version 7.0.2
    Support for ML GTR+I+G with RAxML
Version 1.10   Graphical web tool for viewing and drawing trees
    Bootstrapping tool preserves Taxon names with more than 10 characters
Version 1.09   REST Web Services API release
    Support for MrBayes
Version 1.08   REC-I-DCM3 for PAUP supported for datasets over 100 taxa
    Bootstrapping for RAxML supported
    Support for ClustalW
Version 1.07   Real time plots of job progress (every automatically every 5 mins);
    Users can request to run a job for more than 72 hours.
    Improvements to (hidden) adminstrative tools for improved traffic analysis.
Version 1.06   Added ability of user to control jobs through Java applet called Guigen
    Added support for Hennig86
    Added support for bootstrapping with PAUP
Version 1.05
  Repair of the NCL parser to handle symbols
    Improved documentation of error messages
    Improved documentation of accepted formats
    Improved documentation of default values for programs
Version 1.04
  Nexus parser tolerates gaps in morphological data
    Resolve Safari browser errors
    Note phylip files accepted
    C parser improvements allow Morphobank files to be accepted
    Rec-I-DCM3/RAxML enabled
Version 1.03
  Implement intermediate trees for RAxML and Garli
    Improved/debugged phylip translator
    Ability to infer trees for Garli/RAxML when not provided
    Add new testing scripts
    Replace the trouble mail link with a web form
Version 1.02   Support for Phylip format data
  Use proxy:push consumer to collect the intermediate trees for Garli
  Post intermediate trees for user access as Nexus file
  Windows and Mac binaries can use local environment variables
Version 1.01
  Amino acids supported as input for Garli.
  Present "sequence type" information from Nexus file (protein/dna)
  Precheck RAxML input for data type: alert if Protein
  Improve timeout handling
  Allow user to collect the intermediate trees for Garli run
  Reorganize runserviceapp
  Prevent clash of parsimony lengths for ML
    set deault = no branch length for RAxML and GARLI
    set default = no branch lengths for first iteration of RIDCM3
  Set logic for the guide tree selection
    set default = paupInfer for PAUP guide trees
      set default = quickInfer for RAxML/Garli guide trees
Version 1.00
  Initial release
  Support for Likelihood (Garli and RAxML)
  Support for Parsimony (PAUP)