Step 2. Organize Information for the Allocation Request  

Applying for your first allocation is straightforward if you have the information needed at hand. We present the essentials of submission below. Full documentation for XSEDE allocations and Policies can be found here.

Each request must have a Principal Investigator (PI). The PI must be a researcher at a US institution.

The application process consists of filling out a series of on-line forms and uploading documents prepared in advance.

The first step is to decide which kind of allocation to request. Typically, users request a start-up allocation because it is very simple, and it is reviewed within a few days of the application. However, these accounts are limited to 50,000 cpu hours for one calendar year. This is enough for most users to get started, and is often necessary for users to figure out if XSEDE resources will meet their needs, and to get a feel for what their resource need will be.

CIPRES Gateway users may already have a feel for this, based on their use of the community allocation. If you have used the CIPRES Gateway and know you need more than 50,000 SUs at the outset, you may choose instead to apply for a competitively reviewed allocation. The application procedure is a bit more arduous for research allocations, because the amount of resources made available is greater. These requests requests are reviewed quarterly, but there is no limit to the number of SUs you can request.

More information on Documentation for Start-up applications here.

More information on Documentation for Research Allocations here.


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