Requesting a Personal Allocation  

Personal Allocations are for individual researchers who need in excess of 50,000 cpu hrs in a year. They are available to researchers at US insitutions, and researchers at a non-US institutions that have a collaborator in the US. Allocations are made by the XSEDE Resource Allocation Committee (XRAC). This document is meant as a step-by-step guide to requesting an allocation.

First, are you eligible? Every allocation request has a single principal investigator (PI). The PI must be a researcher or educator at a U.S.-based institution (including federal research labs or commercial organizations). Additional information may be needed from researchers not affiliated with academic or non-profit research institutions. Postdoctoral researchers are eligible to serve as PI; graduate and undergraduate students are not.

If you are a graduate or undergraduate student at a US institution, you must have an advisor or a postdoc in your group submit the allocation request.

If you are an investigator at any level at a non-US institution, you must have a collaborator at a US institution serve as the PI. After receiving an allocation award, the PI can add undergraduate, graduate students, and collaborators from non-US institutions to the allocation.

If you are eligible, let's walk through the allocation process. It is a little complex, but definitely manageable.

Step 1. Create a TeraGrid/XSEDE Portal account.

Step 2. Organize the information required for an allocation request.

Step 3. Submit allocation request through the XSEDE Portal

Step 4. Once you have the allocation award.



Individuals who do not qualify for allocations from the XRAC because they are not at a US institution and do not have a US collaborator will be limited to use of 1% of the monthly CIPRES Science Gateway allocation. We can make it possible for such users to use the CIPRES Science Gateway on a recharge basis. The rates for this service are expected to be $0.15 US per cpu hr. Please contact us if you are interested in such services.


If there is a tool or a feature you need, please let us know.

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