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The CIPRES Science Gateway was initially created as the CIPRES Portal, under the NSF-sponsored Cyberinfrastructure for Phylogenetic Research (CIPRES) Project. The functionalities and concepts were created by a team that included Tandy Warnow, Bernard Moret, Mark Holder, Paul Hoover, Lucie Chan, Terri Schwartz, Rutger Vos, Mark Miller, Peter Midford, Andres Varon, and Wayne Maddison.

In December, 2009 the CIPRES Portal became the CIPRES Science Gateway with kind assistance from Nancy Wilkens-Diehr and many outstanding Science Gateway staff members. The Gateway is currently staffed as follows:

  • Mark Miller, PI and customer service.
  • Terri Schwartz, development and maintenance of the core application
  • Wayne Pfeiffer, new code integration and benchmarking of parallel codes on high performance clusters.

In August, 2011, the CIPRES Portal entered a new phase, working in partnership with the iPlant project to deliver new kinds of tools through the iPlant Discovery Environment, which is a flexible and dynamic web interface for delivering computational resources and capabilities.

Computational resources provided by the Gateway are made possible by an award from NSF's XSEDE project. We are grateful for their support of our project.

We welcome user feedback and suggestions.

CIPRES – Cyberinfrastructure for Phylogenetic Research