Maintenance Periods

All complex HPC resources must undergo maintenance from time to time. Our goal at CIPRES is to minimize the risk to your allocation time. Maintenance periods are typically planned and scheduled in advance, but (rarely) an emergency situation arises, and the resource must be shut down unexpectedly. When a maintenance period is required, the queue is paused because the maintenance will kill running jobs. Any job that might be still running into the maintenance period will be held in the queue until maintenance is complete. We notify users of planned maintenance, or ongoing maintenance using a status box on the front page. The (normally green) status box will turn red, and provide an informative message. Please contact us at the link below if you have questions.

During any maintenance period, submissions will be paused (though your job can be saved for later deployment). Once maintenance completes, the job should initiate within an hour or so. If it does not, you should contact us at the link below. In the event of emergency maintence that kills a running job, please contact us to refund time to your account.


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