How To Monitor XSEDE Job Progress


XSEDE jobs may wait in the queue for a long time, and run for a long time. In any long running job, there is a risk of failure. It is best to pay attention to your job from time to time, so you don't waste time waiting for it to complete if it is stuck. Here are the ways to follow your job:

  1. Immediate failure will be reported as the View Status button becomes a View Error button. Information about the failure will appear if you click this button. Some of the warnings and message are described here. If your job fails at this stage, send us the job handle information. The way find this information is shown here.
  2. Once a job is successfully submitted, it will first wait in a queue for 5 minutes to many hours, depending on traffic and job size. To follow your job, click on the View Status button, and look for the link to "Intermediate Results." Click that link, and you will see a page that displays your input file(s), a configuration file, and output files with no content. As long as you see files on this page, your job is either in the queue, or running.
  3. Once the job reaches the bottom of the queue and begins to run, you will see new files appear on the "Intermediate results" page. You can use the refresh button to convince yourself that the sizes of these files are increasing as the job progresses. This will continue until the job completes.
  4. When the job completes successfully, or through some type of failure, the Intermediate Files page will no longer display any files. You will receive an email message at the completion of the job if you provided a valid email address when you registered. If your job fails, the most efficient way to describe the problem to us is shown here.


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