Reporting a Failed Job


When your job fails, the best way for us to help you is to be able to locate the job, and trace back to a failure condition. Please DO NOT DELETE a job from your interface if you need help with it.  To find your job, we need what's called the "Job Handle".

Locating the Job Handle:

  • EASIEST: Look in your output for a file called _JOBINFO.TXT. Attach that file to an email message, or paste it in, and forward it to us.
  • Another way: Go to the task pane, and find the job(s) that failed.

    Click on the hyperlink in the "Label" column for each task that failed. It will open a window that shows something like this:

    Tue Jul 11 05:31:29 PDT 2023 > COMPLETED : SUCCESS : NGBW-JOB-BEAST2_XSEDE-1B9304896E6D48AA8CB0786BDFF09122 : Output files retrieved. Task is finished.

    The string in bold is the "jobhandle". For each job that fails, copy/ paste the whole mass of text or just the jobhandle into an email or bug report. The jobhandle lets us quickly identify each job, so we can troubleshoot efficiently.


If there is a tool or a feature you need, please let us know.

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