CIPRES Subscriptions

Subscription services are now available. Your ability to create an account and access existing data will not be affected.

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The US National Science Foundation and the US National Institutes of Health have supported the costs of operating CIPRES for the past 10 years, but that funding is ending. These organizations have  instructed us to recover our operating costs from users. CIPRES operations are now dependent individual subscriptions. The cost of a subscription is modest, is a good value, and helps ensure CIPRES remains available for years to come. The subscription levels available and costs are listed below. If you have further questions about subscribing, please see our FAQ page.

Level Storage Number of Tools Compute Time Annual Cost Cost/CPU Hour* Amazon Cost/CPU HR**
1 150 GB 21 1,000 core hrs Free - 0.085-0.14
2 150 GB 21 10,000 core hrs $100 0.01 0.085-0.14
3 150 GB 21 25,000 core hrs $225 0.009 0.085-0.14
4 150 GB 21 50,000 core hrs $400 0.008 0.085-0.14

* Cost per CPU hour is calculated assuming use of all available CPU hours at the subscription level indicated.
** Amazon costs do not include the CIPRES interface or free storage.

CIPRES – Cyberinfrastructure for Phylogenic Research