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All submissions are working normally.


  • CIPRES relies on pop-ups and Javascript. You can use the resource without these tools, but certain capabilities may be impaired.
  • CIPRES should be used only on a single tab in your browser. Multi-Tab use for job submissions is not supported.
  • CIPRES configures jobs to run efficiently on our resources by parsing uploaded data sets and extracting relevant information.This means the portal relies on the user supplying input data in the format(s) expected/required by individual packages, and occasionally providing information on their data set by entering accurate information in a web form. If parsing fails, or the user supplies incorrect information, the data can still be used in submitted jobs, but the resulting job run may not be configured optimally.
  • Most CPU runs are restricted to 7 days; GPU runs are restricted to 5 days. Several codes (including IQ-Tree, RAxML-NG, MrBayes, and most BEAST v1.10+ and BEAST2 runs) can be restarted. If you aren't sure, it's a good idea to start a quick run, say 30 minutes, kill it, and try a restart. If you are using a non-restartable code, and think your job may run too long, please contact Mark Miller for assistance.
  • We will store up to 150 GB of data indefinitely at no charge, as long as your account has been active (you logged in) within the past year. If you have not logged in for 1 year, you will receive a warning message via email. 30 days after the date the warning message is sent, your data will be deleted; it cannot be recovered. If you login just once, the data will be preserved for another year.
  • Subscriptions are time-limited. Access to time made available through subscriptions is only guaranteed for a period of one year from the date of the last user purchase.
  • You must abide by our FAIR USE policy: Any researcher in any location may create a CIPRES account and submit jobs on NSF ACCESS resources (the ACCESS project has replaced XSEDE). Users receive 1,000 CPU hours per year at no cost, but must purchase a subscription to receive more hours. It is a violation of our Fair Use Policy to create multiple accounts to circumvent these limits. Users who engage in this practice will have submissions from their accounts disabled. Please do not steal from us.