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  • The CIPRES Science Gateway does not support robust parsing of uploaded data sets at present (though such support is planned). Instead the portal relies on the user supplying data in the native formats required by individual packages.
  • Though the codes are fast, XSEDE runs are restricted to 7 days. If you think your job may run too long, please contact Mark Miller for assistance.
  • The computational resources available through the gateway are awarded competitively by the XSEDE Resource Allocation Committee. These resources are substantial, but finite, so usage is monitored and usage by individual accounts constrained by a fair use policy.
  • How the accounting system works: The accounting system is designed to prevent a single person from submitting hundreds of jobs in a single day. This could overwhelm our file system and unfarily drain our allocation.
    Example 1. If you are outside the US, and you want to submit 4 jobs that require 84 cores each, and they are configured with a maximum run time of 1 hour, you can submit all four jobs, and the task page will show you have consumed 336 cpu hours. If they complete after 30 minutes, this value will decrease to 168 cpu hours, the amount that was actually used.

    Example 2. On the other hand, let’s say you want to submit the same four jobs to run for 168 hours. The application assumes that they will run for the full 168 hours until they complete. In this example, each job you launch would reserve 14,122 core hours in your account. Your total allocation for the year is 30,000 core hours. So the application will allow you to submit the first three jobs, bringing you to a potential consumption of 42,336 core hours. The value 42,336 will appear as the amount of cpu hours consumed in your task page. When you try to submit the fourth job, the application will present an error message, saying you have reached your limit.

    If all three jobs you submitted end after 1 hour, the value displayed in the task page will decrease to 252 cpu hours (1 hour x 84 cores x 3 jobs) the actual amount charged. At that time, you would be able to submit the fourth job.

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