CIPRES is the premiere online resource for Phylogenetics, Systematics, and Evolutionary Biology. We manage the codes and clusters, so you can focus on discovery.

Who we are

CIPRES was created by Mark Miller (a biologist) and Wayne Pfeiffer (an HPC expert) with the goal of providing biologists around the world with oft-promised (and rarely delivered) seamless access to HPC resources. We are dedicated to helping fellow scientists access the resources they need for phylogenetic and population biology research. We love doing research and understand how difficult it can be. We will go the extra mile for you.

Why We're Different

CIPRES provides things that you can’t get from another public server anywhere:

  • Important tools: BEAST and BEAST2 codes (with all add-ons); also Migrate-N, IMa3, PhyoBayesMPI, and many more.
  • Indefinite free storage of up to 150 GB for any active account.
  • Robust and resumable file transfers up to 8 GB.
  • Personalized runs: if our interface can’t give you the run you need, we will change the interface so you can do it, or run it for you here.
  • We don’t limit the size of your dataset like other sites.
  • We don’t kill your runs without notification like other sites.
  • We don’t host abandonware: 24 hours M-F response time (and usually much faster!)

We Promise You

  • We will automatically run your job as fast as possible while maintaining reasonable efficiency.
  • We will automatically run your job on GPUs if it will speed up the run.
  • We won’t charge you for data transfers or storage.
  • We will add a tool for you if our infrastructure can support it.
  • We will partner with you to help you reach your goals.
  • We will always be a not-for-profit entity with the mission of serving scientists.
  • We will always welcome (and be grateful for) user feedback and suggestions.

Our Team

Our Partners

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