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The CIPRES Science Gateway V. 3.3

Please Note: CIPRES is now using a subscription model for all users.

The CIPRES Science Gateway V. 3.3 is a public resource for inference of large phylogenetic trees. It is designed to provide all researchers with access to NSF XSEDE's large computational resources through a simple browser interface. You can also access these same capabilities programatically with the CIPRES REST API. Geneious Prime USERS! Plugin for running MrBayes, RAxML, and IQTree on CIPRES available. raxmlGUI users, you can run raxmlGUI jobs using CIPRES!

High Performance Parallel Codes for Large Tree Inference and Sequence Alignment on XSEDE:
RAxML; RAxML-NG; MrBayes; BEAST; BEAST2; GARLI; MAFFTEPA-ng; ExaBayes; GPhoCS; FastTree, jModelTest2, ModelTest-NG, PAUP, ParallelStructure, PartitionFinder3 (now embedded in IQTree), IMa3, IQ Tree, Migrate-N, PAUP*; Astral, and PhyloBayes.

Serial Codes for Sequence Alignment:
ClustalW; Bali-Phy; Contralign; MUSCLE; PROBCONS; PROBALIGN

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ASTRAL for estimating species trees now available in CIPRES
October 11, 2021 - 11:27 am
Globus File Transfer is now available in CIPRES
June 23, 2021 - 3:40 pm

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