Known General Issues


Intermediate Results

What if I don’t see intermediate results? If you see only input files and scheduling files, but no true intermediate files, it means your job is waiting in the queue. If the job has begun to execute, the first file that appears is start.txt, which notes the time the run begins. Additional intermediate files will appear shortly after. The intermediate results for a given job are only visible while the job is actually executing. Once the job is complete, clicking the intermediate file link will show a blank screen.

Reasons for a long queue wait (no intermediate results for hours):
If there is a planned maintenance, and your maximum runtime would allow your job to still be running when the maintenance begins, your job will be held until maintenance is complete. Check the front page of CIPRES and see if there is a red box noting the maintenance period is approaching.

For a GPU job, the queue time for can also be long, and it may take hours for the job to start. In that case, it may seem like you are getting no intermediate results, but it really means there aren't any results to see yet.

An error has occurred: Sometimes you might encounter an error message saying just "An error has occured" at the top of the page, and whatever you expected did not appear. Just click a folder or some other link. The application should return to normal behavior. If it does not, please let us know.

Strange issues with submission. If you are trying to create a job, and getting some odd behaviors, this can happen if you have multiple tabs open on the CIPRES application simultaneously. We usually detect and warn about this condition, but if you suppress pop-ups, you will miss the warning.

For known issues with specific codes, look here.

If there is a tool or a feature you need, please let us know.

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