CIPRES Subscriptions

CIPRES Subscriptions

You can purchase a subscription right now with a credit card. Email us if you need to use a purchase order.

A subscription provides:

*Speed-up depends on the individual code and data set.

If you have further questions about subscribing, please see our FAQ page.

Subscription levels and costs are listed below. If the current offerings don't meet your needs, please contact us.

Level Compute Time Annual Cost Cost/CPU Hour*
1 1,000 core hrs $30 $0.30
2 10,000 core hrs $170 $0.17
3 20,000 core hrs $280 $0.14
4 50,000 core hrs $500 $0.10
5 100,000 core hrs $900 $0.09
6 200,000 core hrs $1800 $0.09








* Cost per CPU hour is calculated assuming use of all available CPU hours at the subscription level indicated.

Prices are for a one year subscription by default, if you have other requirements, please contact us. Commercial users, please contact us for pricing.

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