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Geneious Plug-In

  • The CIPRES Science Gateway now supports access to the CIPRES REST API via the Geneious Prime application.
  • Currently MrBayes, IQ-Tree, RAxML (full), and RAxML (Black Box) are supported. The plugin provides forms to configure most command line options for these codes, and allows the user to create a custom MrBayes block so all MrBayes options are available.
  • Please report any issues you have with the plugin or the user experience.
  • Known issue: On Windows machines with High-Res screens (e.g. 3840 x 2400), default display settings may cause some windows to extend beyond the available viewing area. You can access all optons by resetting the value Settings/System/Display/Scale from the default 300% to a value less than or equal to 250%. 

    Download Geneious Prime plugin (does not work with Geneious older than Geneious Prime 2019)
    Step by step installation instructions (PDF)
    Download configuration file