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2020 (1690 articles)

  1. Miroliubova, T.S., Simdyanov, T.G., Mikhailov, K.V., Aleoshin V.V., Janouškovec J., Belova P.A., Paskerova G.G. Polyphyletic origin, intracellular invasion, and meiotic genes in the putatively asexual agamococcidians (Apicomplexa incertae sedis). Scientific Reports 10, 15847 (2020). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-020-72287-x
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  4. ACEVEDO, A. A., ARMESTO, O., and PALMA, R. E. (2020) Two new species of Pristimantis (Anura: Craugastoridae) with notes on the  distribution of the genus in northeastern Colombia. 2020 4750, 25. 10.11646/zootaxa.4750.4.3
  5. Ahmed, T., Pattnaik, S., Khan, M. B., Ampasala, D. R., Busi, S., and Sarma, V. V. (2020) Inhibition of quorum sensing–associated virulence factors and biofilm formation in Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1 by Mycoleptodiscus indicus PUTY1. Brazilian Journal of Microbiology 51, 467-487. 10.1007/s42770-020-00235-y
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  7. Álvarez-Padilla, F., Kallal, R. J., and Hormiga, G. (2020) Taxonomy and Phylogenetics of Nanometinae and Other Australasian Orb-Weaving Spiders (Araneae: Tetragnathidae). Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 2020, 1-108, 108.
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  9. Amin, O. M., Heckmann, R. A., Dallarés, S., Constenla, M., and Van Ha, N. (2020) Morphological and Molecular Description of Rhadinorhynchus hiansi Soota and Bhattacharya, 1981 (Acanthocephala: Rhadinorhynchidae) from Marine Fish Off the Pacific Coast of Vietnam. Journal of Parasitology 106, 56-70. 10.1645/19-97
  10. Amini, E., Nasrollahi, F., Sattarian, A., and Boozarpour, S. (2020) Micromorphological, anatomical and molecular study of Hedera species (Araliaceae) in Iran.
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  12. ARIYAWANSA, H. A., TSAI, I., HOZZEIN, W. N., and THAMBUGALA, K. M. (2020) Leucaenicola osmanthi sp . nov . (Bambusicolaceae, Pleosporales), causing leaf spot of Osmanthus fragrans in Taiwan. 2020 437, 9. 10.11646/phytotaxa.437.1.3
  13. Asem, A. S., R.; Eimanifar, A.; Lu, H.; Li, M.; Liu, C.; Wang, P.; Li, W. . (2020) The Impact of the Colonization of the Invasive American Artemia franciscana (Crustacea: Anostraca) on Genetic Differentiation in the United Arab Emirates (Asia). Preprints 2020030463 10.20944/preprints202003.0463.v1
  14. Aygoren Uluer, D., Forest, F., and Hawkins, J. A. (2020) Supermatrix analyses and molecular clock rooting of Fabales: Exploring the effects of outgroup choice and long branch attraction on topology. Botany 98, 231-247. 10.1139/cjb-2019-0109
  15. Bakhshi ganje, M., Shams-Bakhsh, M., Mackay, J., and Rahimian, H. (2020) Identification and characterization of bacterial strains associated with diseased oak trees in Northern Iran. Forest Pathology 50, e12571. 10.1111/efp.12571
  16. Barcytė, D., Pilátová, J., Mojzeš, P., and Nedbalová, L. (2020) The Arctic Cylindrocystis (Zygnematophyceae, Streptophyta) Green Algae are Genetically and Morphologically Diverse and Exhibit Effective Accumulation of Polyphosphate. Journal of Phycology 56, 217-232. 10.1111/jpy.12931
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